Havep and its parent company Koninklijke van Puijenbroek Textiel have successfully translated the stringent requirements imposed by the authorities, employers, and our clients into a wide and specialised collection of workwear and protective wear. This includes solutions for various sectors, including chemical, installation, transport, agriculture, road construction, and emergency services. Havep is a global company, mainly serving Europe, with production units in Macedonia and Tunisia. Workwear and protective wear are becoming more personalised. However, the time-to-market needs to be improved, while full customisation on sizes/dimensions and protection is necessary. Havep is convinced that the Next UPPS, covering Advanced Manufacturing and co-creation, would accelerate the development of better-functioning personalised protection. The project will bring protective wear solutions to small and medium enterprises. – especially subcontractors in the building/infrastructure industries. Throughout the project, Havep will host the researchers of the three technical universities for case studies. Furthermore, Havep will also contribute to the project by supporting the development of prototypes and testing the value chain/fulfilment processes to realise the ultra-personalised protection workwear developed by the consortium


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